Computer and Software Maintenance

Computer and Software Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to take maximum benefit out of anything. Be it a car, an air-conditioner or a computer. Everything needs to be looked after periodically. Your computer, like any machine, will perform better if it gets regular care and maintenance.

Computer and software maintenance is not a rocket science. In order to keep your PC in good shape, you don’t have to be an expert or an IT professional. Most small business owners don’t have much information about the steps which ought to be taken in order to keep the performance of computer fast. As a result, their PCs slow down or crash. The main reason behind this is sluggishness and lethargy. But it could prove to be enormously harmful, soon afterwards.

Prevention is better than Cure!

It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened. Fixing a computer is much expensive especially if it contains some precious data. So, if you haven’t taken any step computer and software maintenance, you immediately ought to do so.

Computer and Software Maintenance

Tune ups and staying up to date makes a difference!

How to Ensure Computer and Software Maintenance?

Now, that you are well aware of how important is the maintenance of the computer. Let me tell you some basic and simple techniques for keeping your PC healthy. The process of computer and software maintenance is divided into two steps.

  • Hardware maintenance.
  • Software maintenance.

Hardware maintenance:

When dealing with computers, dust isn’t just unattractive, it can potentially destroy parts of your computer. By cleaning your computer regularly, you can prevent the hardware malfunction, keep its performance fast and it could also avoid expensive repairs.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to keep your computer’s hardware preserved.

  • Clean the CPU, keyboard, mouse and monitor.
  • Keep it under suitable physical conditions; cool temperature.
  • Don’t restrict airflow around your computer.
  • Keep it away from direct sun rays and water as well.

Software maintenance:

After months or years of use—the device that previously zipped along like a puppy on speed seems to have slowed. The major reason behind this is lack of software maintenance. Everyone wants a fast and speedy computer, which requires some measures. Let’s see what they are.

Any computer user can follow the guidelines I have mentioned below to increase the work performance of PC.

  • Keep your windows updates with the latest patches.
  • Use a good and up-to-date anti-virus program.
  • Install anti Spyware program to detect Spyware tools
  • Pay attention to software that you install.
  • Remove unwanted software and files periodically.
  • Create a system restore point.
  • Check and defragment your hard drive regularly.
  • Delete temporary Internet files.
  • Install a Personal Firewall.
  • Scan your PC regularly.
  • Avoid attaching different removable disks with your computer.
  • Be very careful while downloading music or games from the Internet.

Do Tune Ups Make a Difference?

Of course, they do!

Optimization soft-wares play a significant role in increasing the maintenance of PC. Actually, neither windows nor many of your programs are capable of cleaning out their data junk, optimize their startup and fix problems effectively. Over time, this leads to a loss in performance and reliability. Whether you’re using the computer for professional use or using it in home for personal matters, tune ups can prove to be enormously beneficial for your computer and software maintenance. It acts as a doctor for your PC. If you don’t have enough leisure time to tune up your PC regularly, don’t worry. Let me console you that someone is there who could regularly look after your PC to ensure your computer and software maintenance. Just seek help from optimization software.

The following tasks are performed by a tune up utility:

  • Clean Registry.
  • Defragment registry
  • Wipe broken shortcuts
  • Delete temporary files
  • Optimize startup and shutdown
  • Defragment hard disk

Summing up in a nut shell, these software clean up the window with a single click and add to the prevent steps of computer and software maintenance.

Of course, tuning software becomes something of an irrelevance if you’ve bought an SSD, which accelerates Windows far beyond what’s achievable by merely tidying the Registry or buying more RAM. But in some cases this isn’t practical or affordable.

Should You Use a Tune Up Utility For Computer and Software Maintenance?

Well, there isn’t any problem in using optimization software. Anyone could take advantage from it. But if your computer is a victim of any of the following diseases, you ought to use a tune up immediately.

  • Startup time takes ages.
  • Your PC is getting slower and slower.
  • Your hard disk is chock-full of unnecessary files.

Which tune up utility to chose?

There are a number of tune up utilities available on the web, some of the famous and best ones are:

  1. Norton Utilities
  2. Free tune up utilities
  3. Ashampoo Win Optimizer.
  4. Advanced System optimizer
  5. Fix-it utilities
  6. Lolo system Mechanic
  7. Piriform CC cleaner
  8. Magic PC check and tuning

Keeping up with the times:

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. We are living in the information age of a global village today. Technology is evolving every now and then. How can we cope in a world of rapid change? Well, it requires a great struggle but in order to live in accordance with the latest standards we need to keep ourselves up-to-date. And not only us, but our computers also requires to be updated in order to survive technically.

In the field of Information Technology, keeping the computers up-to-date is enormously important. Latest soft ware requires a latest hardware and operating system. The features of every soft ware are being updated. So, for attracting the maximum number of audiences, you are supposed to update your system’s hardware and software regularly.

If you don’t update your PC regularly, it could be attacked by a latest virus. It is also under a great threat of being hacked since it is open to attack by the hackers. Microsoft regularly issues patches and security updates and if your system isn’t set to download and automatically install them, or you’re not super diligent about checking for, downloading, and installing these updates, then you put your system at risk.

Perhaps even more important, however, are those other little programs that don’t always get star treatment: Oracle Java, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader. I just want you to know how important it is that these types of programs, any program really, are kept up-to-date.

So, it is strongly recommended that you keep your hardware and software up-to-date in order to obtain the best performance of your PC and to survive in this modern era of technology.

Computer and software maintenance is deemed essential in today’s fast growing world. The glimpse of it’s importance can be understood by imaging yourself for one day without your PC and all the important data that you have stored in it. As important as computer and software maintenance is, there is another thing that adds to the maintenance which is the importance of back ups. Computer and software maintenance should not be neglected and must be taken up as a first priority in order to avoid havoc from crisis you are unprepared for.