Without an Emergency Plan your Business can be swept away!

A single fierce tornado can cause as much as property damages of up to $20 billion along with myriad casualties resulting into deaths if it hits a single big city. One cannot control natural disasters; however you surely can control the causalities resulting from the tornado by learning what you need to do before, during, and after a tornado. Are you prepared for as such a striking as a tornado? Do you know enough facts which can help you deal with the tornado? If you don’t, then take the first step towards getting prepared today to secure yours and your family’s tomorrow. As powerful as a tornado is, it destroys everything that comes in its way. Before considering what can be done in order to deal with a tornado and preventing as much damage as possible, first you should consider knowing exactly what a tornado is and what it can turn into. A tornado is a violent rotating air column in touch with both the cumulonimbus cloud and the surface of the ground. The most vicious tornadoes are proficient of tremendous demolition with wind speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. Destroying large buildings, uprooting trees and hurling vehicles hundreds of yards are not that much of a surprise when it’s the tornado that we are talking about. Often tornadoes do not permit watchful signs however if there is no visible funnel then debris can be a warning sign for the place where tornado is likely to strike.


In addition to causalities such as deaths and injuries, there would be thousands of people made homeless, tens of thousands would lose power, and hundreds of thousands would be unable to get to work. In a middling year, 1000 tornadoes are reported on a national scale. Hundreds and thousands of people fall under the causalities due to lack of preparedness. Be prepared today to save yourself and your family tomorrow in case a tornado threatens. Learn what precautionary measures can you take and what is that you should do during the course of a tornado. Devising emergency response plans always adds extra benefit to your action in regard with the disaster. However, if you haven’t thought of devising one for yourself and your family yet, there is not much to worry as we at Crisis Prevention and Restoration for Business aim to help you crafting out emergency response plans that can enable you to safeguard yours and your family’s future as well as the interests.

Learning about what you might need to deal with one day. It makes sure that you know suffice to make decision for yourself regarding the situation and can better deal with it. Knowing what you are dealing with enables you to take precautionary measures to help you safeguard as much of your interests as possible. In much the same way, there are measures you can take before a tornado had struck to either prevent any loss from happening due to tornadoes or make it as less as possible anyway.

Do something to avoid tornado damage:

Parameters that calls for keeping a watch for signs before a tornado strikes includes learning about the tornado warnings, and keeping oneself up to date with the weather reports. Usually impending tornadoes are detected with the help of radars and warnings are released indicating a tornado within the next 24 hours. If one is in touch with the weather reports, tornado warnings offer much time for the family and community to either take as much measures as possible to avoid destruction or evacuate to emergency community evacuation centers.

Tornado warnings that indicate an impending tornado usually includes dark and greenish sky, large hail, loud roar, similar to a stowage train, or a low-lying cloud. Besides listening to weather reports, one can look for weather his/her self and know what risks the weather poses. Other then the weather, emergency preparedness kits are deemed useful as well. Emergency Preparedness Kits contain water supply, food, flashlights, basic medicines, first aid kits, extra batteries and survival tools and equipments necessarily required for at least 3 days. It’s important to maintain emergency preparedness kits all the time as often a disaster comes without any sign and warning and doesn’t take much time to destroy resources such as electricity supply, water and food supplies and medical centers. In such a situation, emergency preparedness kits are deemed essential for survival.

Building a safety room at lowest level in your house is the most important step one can take to prevent as much loss as possible, be it property loss or loss of a life. Use permanent shutters in the safety room and make sure that every member of the family knows the purpose of the room. For effective management of the situation, devise an Emergency Response plan and make sure that everyone knows what are they supposed to do if an unfavorable situation as such a tornado strikes.

Stay secured during a tornado

While being under a tornado warning, the first and foremost step in order to prevent yourself from getting harmed is to seek a shelter. Tornadoes does much more harm when the person is outside the shelter then inside. Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep the head covered while one is outside the shelter, as more than half of the injuries during a tornado are due to the flying debris. If you are inside a building, house or your office while the tornado threatens, immediately go to the safety room or the lowest floor with small interior. Lie down and stay calm.

Tornadoes are powerful enough to swirl up cars and other automobiles, do not make the mistake to outrun a tornado in your car, rather immediately stop and park or leave the car and seek a shelter. In case you take cover in a stationary vehicle, put the seat belt on and cover your head with your arms and a blanket, coat or other cushion if possible. During a course of a tornado, it is not unusual for people to panic and make wrong decisions. Often people start to run, however it stakes the risks of getting harmed even more. What one is supposed to do is either to seek for a nearest shelter as soon as possible or lie in an area noticeably lower than the level of the roadway, and cover the head with arms and a blanket, coat or other cushion if possible. One should also be careful about the place where one lies down. Lying under an overpass bridge or closer to high rise buildings can be dangerous. Avoid staying in mobile homes as they pose a much greater risk of getting swirled up along the tornado.

Checking for injuries after the tornado:

Injuries can result from either the direct brunt of a tornado or when people walk past debris and go into damaged buildings. It has been recorded that more than 50 percent of the injuries due to tornadoes were suffered during cleanups, rescue, and other activities executed after tornadoes. Because tornadoes often damage gas lines, power lines or electrical systems, there is a greater risk for fire, or an explosion. Protecting yourself and your family requires prompt actions for treating the injuries suffered during the tornado and taking as much care as possible to avoid further hazards. Responding to requests for volunteer assistance by fire fighters, emergency management organizations, and police is very important.

Avoid getting into damaged buildings and areas as there may be risk for injuries due to damages structure, exposed nails, broken glass and gas leakage. If however, you have to enter the damages structure for any purpose, seek assistance before entering. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, long sleeves when walking past debris.

If you see any damage in your home such as frayed wiring or sparks, or if there is an odor of something burning, immediately shut off the electrical power, natural gas and propane tanks in order to avoid fire, and explosions.

How can Crisis Prevention and Restoration for Business help you?

Safeguarding yours and your family’s future from the risk and consequences of tornado and other natural disasters such as Hurricane or Fire requires doing everything that is necessary be it devising a Business Continuity and Communication plan with your family or building safety room inside your home. In order to help you secure yours and your family’s precious tomorrow, we at Strategic Business Partners offers you our services and expertise so that you can do whatever is required for the very purpose. Our job is to focus on your well being; to help you to prevent, prepare & restore from a variety of crisis, disasters and emergencies. For benefiting from our Strategic Business Partner’s expertise, contact Crisis Prevention and Restoration: 415.891.9107 or emailing us at: or by calling us at 707.266.6461 or emailing us at: