The Importance of Backups for Web Design

In this era of technology, almost everyone has an experience of losing data, once in their life. Fortunately, if you didn’t ever lose your important data there is no need to brag about it. Let me clarify you one thing that tragedy could happen with anyone at anytime. So, if you do not possess a habit of taking backups of your web site, you ought to take this matter seriously and pondering over this thing must be the first of your steps, in order to prevent losing data.

Wait, wait, wait…, why am I telling all of this?

Well, just to tell you, I am among the ones who have had been through this situation. I used to work on a web site for a client. One day, while I was working on the design, all of a sudden my computer halted and went off.

I started to panic; all of my hard work had been lost. All of the work would have to be rebuilt on my own dime. But alas, as I sat there, staring at my screen, dumbfounded at the cruelty of life, my eyes drifted to my Mac’s menu bar. There, sitting quietly at the top of my screen was an amazing application. I used the application to login to a web interface that contained a complete backup of my client folders. Every change that took place over the last few months had been meticulously recorded and backed-up with virtually no effort on my part. In mere minutes I was downloading the lost folder while tweeting about the glories of free online backup.


Importance of Backups

While talking about backups, a question arises into one’s mind.

Why It’s Vital to Backup Your Website? What could go wrong? Well, the answer seems to be: Better to be safe than sorry!

Taking backup is a main principle of data security. There is no denial to the fact that the reliability of web server has been greatly improved by the advancements in technology over the past couple of years. But one can’t throw the whole matter of keeping a backup, over the web hosting company.

So, if you have a website, today is the day to get your backup plain straight.

Here are some of the reasons for keeping a backup:

  • Hackers

No matter how much security measures you have taken. There is always a chance of being hacked. Once hacked, the web site needs to be brought back into its original up to date condition. And for that, backup plays a very significant role. With the help of a backup, the web developer won’t need to get bewildered.

  • Hard drive failure

Failure of hard drive could occur anytime, resulting in losing of data. Suppose you haven’t kept a backup of your web site and your hard drive somehow stops working. The aftermaths would be beyond imagination. Whole of your hard work would become worthless. And all you would be able to do is nothing except cursing yourself. But in case, if you’d have regularly backed up your website there won’t be any headache of how to create the web site again. It might save you a large amount of money and time as well.

  • Disastrous server failure

Well, the entire server rarely fails. But when the server breaks, tons of work needs to be done for the restoration of website. No matter how much strong a server is, the risk always persists. Fixing a server could be enormously expensive. Wastage of time in the process of repairing a server is another issue. So, why shouldn’t one take some steps before experiencing this? Well, a wise web developer won’t take this huge risk. Since, an up to date backup would be the only thing which could help a developer in that moment of difficulty.

  • Data could loss during upgrades.

All websites require updating. Especially if a CMS is used to build a website, numerous components & plug-in ought to be upgraded every now and then. During the process of updating, the entire website could be wiped off resulting in a heavy loss. Once removed, the data is impossible to be recovered without a backup. With the help of a backup, the restoration of data would just be a matter of minutes. With the help of an up to date back up in place. You will be able to get back online immediately after a tragedy. Restoration of a website immediately is very important since it is responsible for maintain a company’s prestige.

Backups – How to Take?

Now that we have discussed a lot about the reasons behind taking backups and their importance, it’s time to discuss the ways of taking backups. More genrally, there are two types of backups:

  1.   Remote backup
  2.   Online backup

Remote backup

In this case there a number of risks to the data such as some security risks, hardware failure, etc. This method isn’t reliable and it is time consuming too.

Online backup

On the other hand, this method is much safer than the first one.The advantages of online backup are multifarious. It is cheap; with the help of this method, the data could be secured with a very little cost as compared to that of remote backup. Another plus point of this type of backup is that it is very fast. Recovering data is just a matter of seconds in case of an online backup.

Which Method Should You Chose?

I’m sure; it’s not easy to decide which backup method should one chose. Well, let me console you. It is not that much difficult. Here are some of the factors that must be kept in mind before choosing the method of backup:

  • Budget:

    If online backup is affordable, you are advised to choose this method. Though, the full features of automated solutions will be expensive, but it’s not as expensive as compared to the cost of restoring data. Moreover, it would save a large amount of time and stress as well.

  • Time schedule:

    Since online backup saves plenty of time. If you can’t take regular backup periodically, remote backup won’t suite you. You must go for online backup. But if you could take out a little time for taking backups, remote backup would work fine for you.

  • Importance of data:

    If losing a little bit of data is not bearable. Online backup should be your only choice. On the other hand if your data isn’t that much important, remote backup would be more effective for you.

Backup Your Web Design Now.

If you have not taken a backup of your website, yet! Hurry up before it’s too late. Disaster could strike at any moment. Keep backing up your website every now and then. If a nightmare strikes, taking control and getting back online would be just a matter of seconds.